Italian Sausage Bolognese Sauce

I’ve always loved Bolognese sauce.  I’m just one of the laziest creatures I know and this takes some work!  But if I can do it…SO CAN YOU!


But today, I thought hmm…I’m going to make mine with Italian            Sausage.  Why? Because who the heck doesn’t like Italian Sausage?!  It’s tasty, fragrant, and downright delicious!

I will post a standard Bolognese recipe sometime in the future…but for now, you’re stuck with this, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 🙂

Here is a pix of main ingredients:


First step.  Take your white wine, and add 1 cup of white wine into your beef and Italian sausage.  This sounds weird.  But trust me, it will help breakdown the mean so when you’re browning it, the meat will help separate into little ground beefies versus GIANT BEEF CHUNKS that you have to break apart.


I used a fork and mashed the two meats until they looked like one big happy family.


Chopping. The good news is…you don’t have to do a ton of chopping, just use your food processor (which saves my life in so many things and is the best friend you can have in the kitchen).


CHOP ALL DEM VEGGIES UP.  SO. Start with cutting your MIREPOIX (dood I feel so fancy but this is basically celery, carrots, and onion).  The only thing, we are going to change up is the ratio of Mirepoix…we are doing equal parts of each one.   I would chop them up into 2 inch pieces to help your food processor out.


I throw each one in individually.  Not sure why…I guess I’m crazy like that.




Don’t forget to do your garlic too!


Now that you’ve chopped all your veggies…let the COOKING COMMENCE!

Start with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.   Let it come up in temperature and throw your onions in.


Then your garlic. (not pictured cause I’m a dumb dumb).  SALT AT EVERY LEVEL.  I cannot stress this enough.  I will say it again…. SALT AT EVERY LEVEL!  You want to make sure that every level of flavor you are building is well seasoned.  It doesn’t mean salt the crap out of it….but it means salt it enough so that you are bringing the flavors our.  I would say about ¼ –  ½ teaspoon at each level is good (depending on your personal salt preference).  This is something that is learned over time…happy medium between enough salt and not too much salt. I highly recommend tasting each level if it is safe (don’t risk tasting raw meat!)

As soon as your onions are sweating, throw in your carrots and celery.  Stir it around…. SALT AT EVERY LEVEL.



When your veggies are done (I would give it about 5-7 minutes on medium heat)… take them out.


Grab the meat/wine concoction and throw it in.  Brown your meat and SALT AT EVERY LEVEL!



When your meat is nice and brown, throw in your veggies and mix well.


If it starts to stick and make little brown bits down there, you’re doing a good job.  We want this.  But don’t overdo it and DON’T BURN it!! 🙂  Browning is flavor, burning is gross!


Next, we are going to pour in your 1 cup of red wine…drink some for yourself…and scrape the little delicious brown bits off the bottom.  Keke.  Scrape de bottom.






Add your seasonings. Basil, red pepper, Sugar, Garlic, and Onion Powder (not all pictured).


Taste your sauce. If it does not have enough salt (which if you salted correctly, it should), add more to taste.  Remember, Bolognese sauce will be a tad bit on the salty side when eaten on its own.  Why? Because you are cooking it with pasta! 🙂

This will need to cook down for about 30-45 minutes on low/medium.  WARNING: Just make sure you WATCH IT. and STIR as you go along.  Because Bolognese is a ragu, it is THICK and does not have a ton of liquid and will burn quickly.  Just please be careful when cooking it down.  I added 1 cup of water to let it cook down. We need the flavors to merry and be joyful.


When your sauce is almost ready, start your pasta water.  Make sure you salt the water.


I usually put my sauce in a sautee pan on medium to keep it warm, and my pasta in another.  DSC_0881

I cook according to the package and typically subtract 1-2 minutes.  So, if your package says 6-8 minutes.  I would do 6 minutes.

As soon as your pasta is finished at its 6 minute mark, throw the cooked pasta into the sautee pan and finish the pasta in the sauce.  Add a 2-4 tablespoons of pasta water in there to help the pasta cook some more.


Integrate the pasta and sauce.  (if it’s dry, add a little more water.  A LITTLE. not a ton, then you will have watery gross Bolognese *barf*)


After you are done, plate and ENJOY.  I usually add shaved Parmesan, but didn’t do so in the picture so you can see the finished product. 🙂


Italian Sausage Bolognese Sauce

A twist on a classic dish

Difficulty level: Intermediate (only because it’s a lot of steps and the salting on every level situation )

Serving: 6-10 depending on how much you use

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook time: 1.5 hours


1 lb of beef

1 lb of spicy Italian sausage

2 stalks of celery

2 carrots

2 medium size onions

5 cloves of garlic

1 28 oz can of crushed tomatos (I highly recommend Hunts)

2 tsp of dried basil

2 tsp of crushed red pepper

1 tsp of garlic powder

1 tsp of onion powder

2 tablespoons of olive oil

½ teaspoon of sugar

1 cup of red wine

1 cup of white wine

1 cup of water


  1. Mix together the beef and spicy Italian with 1 cup of white wine.
  2. Chop all veggies in the food processor into a small dice.
  3. Use 2 tablespoons of Olive oil, bring up to temperature, sweat onions, then garlic, salt to taste.
  4. Add the celery and carrots, cook for 5-7 minutes until soft, but not limpy! Salt to taste.
  5. Take veggies out and put aside.
  6. Brown the meat. Salt to taste.
  7. Add veggies back into the meat, cook and let flavors merry with each other a bit. Let this brown a bit on the bottom, but do not BURN! Salt to taste.
  8. Add 1 cup of red wine. Stir, and cook for another 3-4 minutes.
  9. Add entire can of crushed tomatoes. Salt to taste.
  10. Add remaining seasoning of sugar, basil, red pepper, garlic powder, onion powder.
  11. Salt to taste.
  12. Add one cup of water. Cook down this sauce for about 45 minutes. Watch the sauce! Do NOT let it burn!
  13. Cook pasta and Bolognese in separate pots. When pasta is done, throw into hot sauce and finish in the sauce.
  14. Enjoy!

Last Tidbid:  I always finish any pasta I made in the sauce.  It makes a night and day difference in letting the pasta soak up the sauces.  You can do this with any and all sauces and it works wonders!

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