Nutella Stuffed Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies



Don’t have a significant other?! WHO CARES.  Celebrate with a friend.  Don’t have a friend?! WHO CARES.  Celebrate the fact that you’re ALIVE today!!

Whether you’re either DEEPLY in love or DEEPLY single or you just DEEPLY don’t give a crap, let’s CELEBRATE Valentine’s Day together!! 😉

And how are we going to do that?! WITH COOKIES. Yup. YUM. Yup. STUFFED WITH NUTELLA (aka Chocolate of the Angels). Yup. Yup.


Unfortunately, my talents do not include baking.  BUT fear not.  I got this recipe from another fellow amazing blogger I stumbled across, the Ambitious Kitchen, and this is her recipe.

I’ve tested it out for you.  And it is as AMAZING as it sounds.

Why are you using her recipe you ask?!  Because God knows I am definitely not versed in the way of a Baker.  At least not yet.  (hopefully).  I’m also doing this because I have been wanting to post some kind of dessert for some time now.  I LOVE DESSERTS.  So, moving forward, I will now include posts on me finding dessert recipes and trying them out (and posting my experiments) until I can learn how to make and create my own.  And I’m going to be honest with myself and with you.  If I can make it….ANYONE can make it.  Trust me.

And so it begins…

Here are the main ingredients.  I don’t think I missed anything…


The Chocolates: Semi-Sweet, Dark, Milk, and COLD Nutella (put it in the fridge, not the freezer, the fridge).  I recommend getting smaller chips…I got the normal/bigger ones and it was harder to work with. Next time, I go SMALL chips.


And the dairy items + Vanilla (because I didn’t know where else to group it with)


Take the flour, baking soda, and salt and WHISK it all together first.  I really don’t know what the purpose of this is but I’m guessing it’s to incorporate all the powdery stuff.


Then, take your two sticks of butter (1 cup) and melt it down nice and slow.  Don’t do it too fast!! Or it will burn.


Once your house smells like a carmel-y butter-y house full of heaven’s aroma’s, and you can see that your butter is brown, take it off the heat and let the butter cool.  Transfer to bowl if necessary to prevent from burning.  (I did mine a TAD under so I can leave it in the pan without it burning and save from doing an extra dish…I hate doing dishes.)

Prepare your sugars into your mixer.  By the time you’re done, the butter should be cool enough.  Throw that deliciousness into the sugar and blend.


In the next step…TAKE CAUTION.  Make sure your butter/sugar mixer isn’t super hot.  If it is…it will cook the eggs you’re about to throw in. Add remaining wet ingredients (vanilla and yogurt).  Mix until combined.


Now, on low speed, add the flour.  I added it in two intervals.


Once it’s mixed. Turn it off and do NOT over beat.  I kinda overbeated mine and so my dough is a bit dry. L BUT it’s ok. Despite that mess up, it still turned out delicious!

FOLD IN THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Refrigerate for 2 hours (I know it’s torture right?!)



Now comes the hard part. The COOKIE STUFFING….dun dun..DUNNNNN!!


Take out some parchment paper…it makes it easier.  Roll said cookie dough into a ball…about 1.5 – 2 tablespoon of dough.


HULK SMASH said dough until it’s flat.  Like super flat.  See!? (sorry blurry picture)



DOLLOP 1-2 teaspoons of COLD Nutella…:D I put closer to two because I’m an addict and I’m crazy, 1 is really all you need.


Then cup all the sides together, and slowly pinch the outsides in to make a ball.  This is kinda hard.  And you have to be GENTLE and have PATIENCE.  Make LOVE to the ball.  Don’t let the deliciousness ooze out.





If it does ooze out, take a bit of dough, and patch it up like so. She said it doesn’t have to be perfect, and really, it really really doesn’t. See mine?  It’s all cracky…but fear not! Just make sure the Nutella isn’t leaking out and you are good. 🙂


When placing the balls on the parchment sheet, GENTLY flatten the tops a bit while doing your best not to ooze out any Nutella.  Patch up if necessary!


Bake for 9 minutes. NO MORE.  I did mine for 11 minutes the first time…came out like rocks and I definitely threw a cookie tantrum.  I tried it again for 9 minutes…PERFECTION.


Final results.  DELICIOUSNESS for the boyfriend.  He will be happy.  And if he isn’t…I will be happy with the cookies I made for him cause these are BOMB. 🙂


Check out Ambitious Kitchen’s blog for the recipe.  I definitely followed her as I aspire to be a great baker as she is!!

Last Tidbid: Practice makes perfect!  My first batch came out hard because I baked it too long, my 2nd batch came out too thick because I didn’t make the dough thin enough and was having a hard time stuffing.  My last and final batch finally made the cut and I’m SO glad i kept going at it and didn’t give up the first time around.  Enjoy!

Happy V-day everyone!!

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