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Tuna Salad

Well hallo dere.

DSC_0938 (2)

Not sure if you can tell by now but I love things that are easy to make.  The easier and tastier food is, the rounder I get. Keke. Round.

This is a good “healthy” snack.  I put “healthy” in quotes because it really depend on how much may-O you put into this delicious fresh yummy concoction.  The more you put the creamier it gets!

I grew up eating tuna with mayo and celery and I’m not going to say it was horrible but it wasn’t freaking delicious either.  It was like…just OK.

Then…I met this girl named Cristina.  She changed my life.  She opened the doors to canned-tuna heaven and showed me that you CAN elevate canned tuna and make freaking delicious.  She made tuna with all the Mexican flavors I love…and then I decided…I have to make my own.

I came, I saw, I conquered that BEEZIE.

The good thing about this recipe is it is a base.  You can tweak it anyway you want based on your taste buds. I can’t say every time I make this it tastes the same, but I can say, that every time I make it, I love how delicious it is with some Pretzel Crisps or Salt and Pepper Kettle chips.  Yum.  Remember!  I said “healthy”. Feel free to judge me. 😉

OKIE. So here goes!

CHOP CHOP CHOP!  I know its super tempting to throw this all into the food processer…but don’t do it.  Fight the temptation.  You’ll need a bigger dice then the food processor will give you because you want a good nice crunch and texture. TRUST ME! IT’S WORTH IT

So. Here we go!

Main Ingredients:  (as usual…I forgot something…)

Mayo and Garlic Salt not shown… -_-**

Start chopping the living lights out of these veggies….

For those who don’t know how to cut celery cause it’s all weird shaped:


Turn on an angle and chop into strips




Such pretty colors!  Add the canned Tuna…


And MIX the beH-gi-ta-bles all up!


Look at all the colors! So pretty! And tell me that doesn’t smell amazing.

Ok. This is where I secretly like to lie to myself and tell myself I eat healthy and only add a bit of mayo.  But it always ends up the same.  I always start with ½ of a HEAPING cup of mayo…

Then I spread the love…and then I realize….there isn’t enough love in there.  So I end up adding a tablespoon at a time.


And then I end up…with me have had added a total of 1 cup of Mayo…LOL. #healthyfail

If you fail like I do. Let’s fail proudly. And be proud and fat and happy.  YAH!


Make sure you toss in at least ½ teaspoon of salt or more to taste.  THEN. WAIT for it….THROW IT IN THE fridge.  It needs to SIT in the fridge for at least 3 hours prior to consuming.  If you have patience for overnight, then that is better.  The flavors need time to merry and be happy!  Give it some TIME!

Then. Indulge with some Pretzel Crisps (I buy the Everything flavor) or Kettle chips. Whatever your hearts deepest desires are.


Dancing Tuna in your mouf!

Difficulty level: EASY

Serving:  Total a little under 3 lbs (sounds a lot but it’s really not!)

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook time: none


4 Cans of 5 oz Tuna in water

2 Tomatoes

4 stalks of celery

1 medium onion or a little over half of a large one

1 bunch of cilantro (or less to taste)

1 small Persian cucumber (not shown and optional – I only do it sometimes but don’t do too much because cucumbers can be overpowering!)

1 serrano pepper (optional)

1 cup of Mayo (start with ½ and add to taste)

½ Teaspoon of Garlic Salt



Chop all veggies.  Put in mixing bowl.  Add tuna.

Add Mayo and Salt, mix.

Refrigerate for at least 3 hours to overnight.

Last Tidbid:  I actually tend to eat this with crackers over in a sandwich.  If you do want to eat it in a sandwich, make sure you get a nice strong bread that can hold up to the juices of this tuna.  Also, when you refrigerate the tuna, it will secret water from the veggies, just mix prior to eating.

Happy Eating!

Throw Together Homemade Taco Seasoning

My first post.

Man it’s been a long time coming.  I definitely have learned a lot about myself in the past couple years.

Random things I’ve learned:

  1. I am nowhere near fashionable and the older I get the less cool I am and the more sarcastic I get.
  2. I am quite the domesticated animal; I like to say I’m a tiger. Cause I’m fierce and lazy as all hell (possible? I think so).  lazy tiger
  3. I am horrible at laundry…partially because I HATE IT and it is my ultimate nemesis and I’m always shrinking my clothes and my boyfriend’s clothes. 😦
  4. I love to eat. And I love fat. And MSG. And all the things bad for you. Judge me. (O.o)
  5. I love to workout. I kinda have to love working out or I stop becoming a tiger and become a panda…which I guess I can’t be mad about since pandas are so friggin’ cute.

panda picture

Where am I going with this?  

I know some of you are aware that I attempted to start a ‘teach myself how to be fashionable blog’…THAT was an ULTIMATE fail.  Why? Because after I started that and explored more into fashion, I realized I HATE fashion and I am SO BAD AT it.  So trying to teach myself and write about it makes no sense what so ever.

So I then decided OK…I want to start a blog. What could/should I write about?!

I am not giving myself limitations. I am going to write about whatever my little heart desires.  I love food. I love working out. I love eating. I love being lazy. I love things that make my life easier. I love my loud mouth opinions. I love learning new things.  And I’m ready to share those things with you.

SO! First things first…Totally random but ultimately necessary for those lazy days after work where you don’t want to do anything but be fat and eat tacos.

Here are the items you will need (minus cayenne cause i forgot…) MY BAD:


Put it all together in a bowl


OoOh so pretty….

Then SHAKE THAT BOOTY and mix it all up! And WALAH! You have TACO MAGIC.

Here it is an action shot of me throwing it into some ground beef. Yummes.


Then when you’re hungry, just make yourself a yummo taco 🙂


2 Tablespoons of this MAGIC POWDER equates 1 ounce of deliciousness.  1 ounce is usually what is given in a Taco Seasoning packet and is good for one lb of ground beef, turkey, chicken, or whatever your heart desires.


Everyone needs taco seasoning in their life.  And guess what, you don’t have to use the store bought stuffs anymore…why?! Because you probably have all you need in your spice closet right now.  I dare you to look…go ahead.  And guess what…as much as I am up for preservatives and msg and all the bad-good stuff that I love…at least with this, you know what you’re putting into your food for those more health conscience peeps out there…

Difficulty Level: Easy

Servings: 2 packets worth (2 oz or 4 tablespoons)

Prep Time: 5 minutes


3 Tablespoon Chili Powder

1 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder

1 Teaspoon of Onion Powder

1 ½ Teaspoon of Red Pepper Flakes

½  Heaping Teaspoon of Oregano

1 Teaspoon of Paprika

3 Teaspoon of Cumin

2 Teaspoon of Garlic Salt (Sea or Kosher ok as substitute)

2 Teaspoon of Black Pepper

½  Teaspoon of Nutmeg (Optional)

1 Teaspoon of Cayenne (Optional for more spice, not pictured cause I’m a dumb dumb)

**For those who have little children and can’t eat spice, take out the chili powder, pepper flakes, paprika, and cayenne.  It won’t be the same but I promise it’s still delicious!

Last tidbid: This recipe is so easy! Just throw everything together and wahlah!  Life is delicious and YOU. WILL. NEVER. HAVE. TO. BUY. A. TACO. PACKET. AGAIN.  My best recommendation is to make this in bulk and keep it because you never know when you’ll need it.